Spring Showcase sign-ups, what the Showcase is, why you should do it!

Sign-ups for our annual Spring Showcase are in the studio! For those of you who are newer students, here's what showcases entail:


1. Heats - Heats are short, freestyle dances to show how much you know and what you can improve. You choose ahead of time which dances you'd like to show, with each heat being around a minute to a minute and a half. You dance with your instructor, typically with others also on the floor, and are judged based on your level. If you're Bronze I, you're not expected to have the technique or set of moves as someone at a higher level.

2. Solos - Solos are rehearsed, choreographed pieces. You and your instructor will pick a piece of music and choreograph a sequence, telling a story through the piece you've chosen.


While a showcase can seem nerve-wracking, the goal isn't to compete with your fellow students; it's to support them and to learn how you're doing at your level and how you can improve. Talk to your instructor about signing up!


Some of you have stated that you don't feel ready to participate yet. Again, we'd say talk to your instructor about that. At a minimum, we think you should attend at least to see how it works and support your students who have worked very hard. You may even get some ideas for a solo you'd like to do for the next showcase!

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